Free Registration Renewal With Every Service

It happens once year, if your bike is in getting a service and you just remembered it’s due for rego, fear not, it’s on us. This is usually a standard charge that is set by the RMS, but we are happy to do it for free.

Free Service With Every Smash Repair

If your vehicle is involved in an accident, we do everything from quoting to dealing with your insurance company, and while we are waiting for the new parts to arrive, we’ll give your bike a nice once-over. So when the bike is cosmetically proper again, it will be running like a fresh one.

The Flywheels Pit Stop

If you have 5 minutes to spare, we will go right over your bike and do the stuff that needs to be done on a weekly basis:
  • Clean, lube, align and adjust drive chain
  • Check tyres and brakes
  • Check oil and fluid levels
  • Check electrics
  • Check steering and suspension
  • Lube and adjust cables, levers and pivots
  • Work report and consult provided

Free Bike Wash With Every Service

If your bike is in for a service, we get it sparkling before it’s ready for pick up. On the house, no mess no fuss, every time.

Free Loan Bike with Scheduled Servicing

If it’s time to go right over your machine and get it back to spec, save yourself a cab fair and take one of our complimentary bikes for the day. *Conditions apply.